Happy Thanksgiving and Other News!!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on November 26th, 2019

christmas thanksgiving

Hello Sugar Pies! I wanted to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

Don’t you love this homey scene! Grandma, wearing her apron basting the golden roasted turkey, a pie sitting on top of the stove, rich brown gravy is probably simmering in one pan and a sweet and tart homemade cranberry sauce in another. The grandkids have arrived with squeals of joy as they hug and kiss grandma and grandpa then run off to see their cousins. A rush of cold wind blows in as Grandpa holds the door open for his daughter and son-in-law but then quickly shuts it when everyone is safely inside. The house is warm, snug and smells delicious! It smells like love. It smells like home. Ahh…this sweet scene brings back so many memories that warm my heart.

Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like this year I’m hoping your home is filled with love, yummy aromas and pie! butter-crunch-pumpkin-bars-500x647 (2)

If you ran out of time to make a pie, or pick up a pie, you can whip this together in just a few minutes and to tell you the truth I love it even more that pumpkin pie!! Don’t forget the whipped cream! Here’s the link for the recipe! 


Untitled design (22)

Sugar Pie Farmhouse now has a private Facebook Page where you can connect with vintage lovin’ gals with a heart for keeping the cozy home fires burnin’ like you! This is the place where Sugar Pie Sisters can join in and talk about anything from Cooking, sharing Recipes, Gardening, Beauty, Decorating, Holiday Ideas, sharing favorite products, Parenting or anything to do with Homemaking! It will feel like we’re sitting around the kitchen table chatting over a good hot cup of coffee or tea with a slice of pie!

If you belonged to the  Girl-Talk Forum here on the website or have wanted to join we are meeting over on Facebook now! We’ve had so many  technical issues with the current forum. My whole website needs to be updated but the cost is not in my budget right now…so we do what we can do with what we have right? Lol!

Come join us HERE!


If you get a hankering to do a little armchair Christmas browsing you’ll love all the farmhouse goodies I put together in my little online shops. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of pie and enjoy!

My Farmhouse Christmas Shop!

Mama’s Country Kitchen Shop!

My Farmhouse Furnishings Shop!

My Cozy Home Goods Shop!

The Best Down Home Cookbooks!

My Farmhouse Country Store!

doris lee thanksgiving

Whether your Thanksgiving is loud and jubilant or sweet and quiet as a flickering candle please know that I am so thankful for you…for following me all these years…for keeping the home fires burning…for loving your family well. We are strong Mama’s, let’s continue to march onward, arm in arm, to bless our family and make home sweet. Sweeter homes will make a better society…a better country…a better world.

Love you all so much!

Aunt Ruthie

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Happy Fall Y’all!

Written by Aunt Ruthie on October 24th, 2019

ruthie fall photo

Well Happy Fall Y’all!  I can’t believe we are deep into October! The trees here in the Ozarks are turning gorgeous shades of butterscotch, caramel, and candy apple red! It’s been raining all day today and I’ve got a cup of hot tea with honey by my side as I write this post. I love this time of year! Sweater-weather, pumpkins and hot apple cider make joy bells ring in my heart!

Well, I am so happy you’re here to celebrate Fall with me! And speaking of celebrating…I want to encourage you dear one to not let this glorious season wisk by without experiencing some autumn joy!

I know life gets so busy and sometimes difficult (like two weeks ago when my refrigerator, oven and microwave stopped working all in the same week…eeek!)  that days and weeks can go by without us lifting our head to see the blessings that God has surrounded us with in each season. So I want to encourage you to plan something fun to look forward to…something delightful that you can do that will make you fully aware of God’s goodness during this beautiful fall season.


Recently, my family and I went to the pumpkin patch at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch here in Branson, Missouri! We went on a hayride, watched the kids ride down the gunny sack slide as well as the cow-train. We enjoyed the farm animals too!

IMG_7106We even jumped in the corn bin with the grandkids! We had so much fun!

ruthann pg.4sample (2)

We can also create happy moments in our own home. We are the maker of our home. Let’s make it a place our family feels loved in. Even if you live alone, you can make your home cozy for you! A place that hugs your heart and everyone who comes through your door.

Cute fall decor is wonderful, and I’m going to be sharing with you my own touches of autumn, but it’s really the nurturing and loving atmosphere that you create that is most important. We set the emotional tone in the home. We can choose to make home joyful. We’ve all heard that funny but wise phrase “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” It is so true!!

Let’s be intentional about filling our home with joy and thankfulness. This is the perfect time of year to make our home joyful and cozy!

Now I’d like to share with you my cozy touches for this fall season!


The theme for my entryway began with this rusty pumpkin farm sign.
It’s a reproduction but looks like it was from the 1800’s so I ran with that old timey feel.


Here’s a little peek of the fireplace mantle my father built for me. I put it in the hallway to my bedroom so I can see it every day.

ETMDE0881 4

This year I found this darling canvas alphabet chart that truly looks vintage! It seems like I always have Little House on the Prairie on my brain so I created this “going back to school” vignette, Little House on the Prairie style, complete with a slate chalkboard, the door to an 1800’s icebox, old school books, a vintage lantern (that I put a battery operated candle in) , a enamel lunch pail, which I would imagine carried a biscuit with a slice of ham and a bright red apple!).  Burnt orange autumn leaves was the finishing touch…evidence that autumn has arrived bringing with it brisk air as sweet and crisp as a caramel apple.

IMG_6540IMG_6541 (1)IMG_7764

I found a treasure recently at a local vintage market. It’s the sweet oil painting inside my white cupboard. It was painted by Mamie Falk who was born in  1896 in Minnesota! She was known as the Grandma Moses of Minnesota! This precious painting with the frame cost only $11!!! Squeal!!!



Look at that darling white farmhouse with the smoke coming out of the chimney which tells the story that Ma was keeping the home fires burning in her snug little home. She probably had supper started on the old wood stove.
Oh and there’s Pa! It’s harvest time so he’s raking up bushels of wheat to bring to the old mill- house to grind into flour so Ma could make her fresh homemade bread.
Beyond him sits the sweet white chapel. Come sunday mornin’ they’ll be putting on their sunday best and heading over to praise the Lord through some hymn singin’ and hearing the Word of God preached by Reverend Alden.
I imagine that Ma would be bringing Pa his lunch in a white enamel pail like the one pictured and a slice of pie would be waiting for him to enjoy after supper.
I think Ma was all about keeping home cozy to comfort and nurture her family…and that’s the way it should be.
My dearest friend Catiena from the Vintage Housewife gave me the idea of putting sweet little picnic baskets in the cubbys of my baking center. I filled each one with a pumpkin and a spray of wheat. I love it! Thanks Catiena!

I love decorating my old farm table for the seasons! Every fall I love filling this 100 year old pie safe with cozy, homey goodness! I adorned it with a coffee pot filled with leaves, little Pumpkins, candle light, a sweet turkey bowl, cookie mixes and pumpkin spice syrup. I also have a cowbell to ring when it’s suppertime! And my stuffing bowl is ready for Thanksgiving!


I recently refreshed my little coffee bar! My daughter recently painted the inside of my cupboard white…it used to be a honey color. I love how fresh and clean it looks. I found these wonderful rolling trays to put my coffee makers on. As you can see they are under the cupboard so when I want to use them I have to drag them toward me so I can pour the water in. And then I have to push them back. These trays have a tab that you press down to pull forward. They glide so easy! Then you can just roll them right back! What a genius idea someone had! You can find them here!




The weather is just now starting to get cooler and soon we’ll have the first fire of the season!
I’m so excited to show you this beautiful burlap sign that my dear Sugar Pie friend, Jen (from Milk & Honey Mercantile on instagram), made for me! What a blessing! Autumn skies and pumpkin pies…the perfect sentiment for this pie lovin’ gal! Thank you Jen!!!


If you were to ask what is most important in a home I would say the love of the Lord and happy memories!

youtube thumbnail

Well, hunny if you’d like to watch the video version of my fall home tour then I’d love for you to join me by clicking this link to YouTube!

I’m thrilled and honored that you stopped by for some Autumn pie! Please say hello in the comment section below…that’s my way of seeing if anyone is reading my blog! Lol!


I always have gals ask where I get some of my farmy home goods so I curated a few Amazon shops that are filled with cozy, farm-housy goodness that are so fun to look at! Many of those items I have and love! Amazon makes Christmas shopping a lot easier!

Here’s the link to all of my Cozy Amazon shops

My Happy Fall Y’all Shop

My Farmhouse Christmas Shop

Mama’s Country Kitchen Shop

My Cozy Home Goods Shop

My Farmhouse Furnishings Shop

My Farmhouse Washroom Shop

My Farmhouse Country Store


One more thing! If you’re ever in my neck of the woods and decide you want to move here to this darling Mayberry of a town, Branson, Missouri, my hubby can show you some homes! Or maybe you’d like a vacation home here in the beautiful Ozarks!! He’s a Real Estate Agent and one of the best, if I say so myself! Lol! Check out his Website HERE!


Bless your family…make home sweet!!

Aunt Ruthie


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